9th June 2004 - WinDVD Tweaker 4.49 Released

WinDVD Tweaker 4.49 Pro can be purchased from this secure Kagi page for $18

Try out the demonstration version: WinDVD Tweaker 4.49 Demo -> Link1 Link2 Link3

Here are the features available in the Pro version that are not available in the demo version.

: Pro Features :

-Automatic Region Detection and setting on DVD insert. POPULAR screenshot (Region Free Drives Only) Click here for more info on how to make your drive region free.

-Ability to disable annoying dvd autorun programs like PCFriendly and all others. POPULAR screenshot

-Ability to save settings that previously needed to be set each time WinDVD 4 loaded (Eg: Filtering Mode)

-File preset saving and loading. (Save special configurations for different movies)

-Accurate Aspect Ratio Control (Window Size and position) screenshot

-Resolution control (ability to select different resolutions for different sources eg. widescreen resolution for widescreen sources) NEW

-Aspect Ratio preset saving and loading.

-Blanking support (Custom and Automatic)

-TV Overscan compensation

-Custom Blanking Preset saving and loading

-Ability to control amount control WinDVD filters have over dynamic audio ranges (Increasing Quality)

-Disc Manager for managing your movies and associating them with standard \ aspect ratio and blanking presets if desired. screenshot

-Media Filter control, registering and unregistering of individual filters (WinDVD filters and any other valid filter files)

-Wizards (Audio and Video) for intelligent setup of important settings

-Ability to save all settings for use in other programs eg. Zoom Player

-And more...